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Book Review: Conversations with Vegan

Just finished reading ‘Conversations with Vegan’ by Anatman . Anatman, a Sanskrit word refers to the doctrine of “non-self”. The author believes that the book is written through him and not by him and wishes to remain anonymous.

The book gives us an insight into the concept of Veganism. It doesn’t force the readers to turn vegan nor spread hatred towards non-vegans. The main purpose of the book is to raise awareness and understanding of the practice, to explain the logic behind veganism in a way that encourages the reader to give a thought to his or her actions, make his decisions well thought of, the book answers some very obvious questions that could come up in anyone’s mind towards veganism.
The best part is that the author understands that one cannot turn Vegan overnight and it takes time. Nor does it suggest you to give up everything all at once, but encourages a gradual, well- thought-of change in lifestyle and actions.
Am glad I read the book, because I wasn’t very aware about Veganism, I must say I eat non vegetarian food and thinking of giving up milk and milk products is something that’s beyond my imagination at this point of time.
The impact the book has left on me is that I can pay more attention to what am eating, question myself and most importantly accept the food and lifestyle choices of everyone around me.
Even the smallest change in food habits can contribute so much towards reducing the exploitation of animals in the world.

I would suggest to give this book a try, it would just provide you with a new perspective towards things.


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